Fantomatika in the Kontúr magazine

My oh my, now this is something! Fantomatika is read even at world renowned Eötvös Lóránd University! What’s more, they write about it too! TátKontúr is the official university magazine of ELTE’s social sciences department. The magazine edited by the university’s students is pressed in 350 copies and they are present on Facebook too. Over the years generations gave place to ever newer ones, the new members brought new force and freshness, the magazine became ever popular, won professional awards and nurtured many a fine journalists. Their interesting approaches, fine articles are more than welcome for everyone, not just read more

And Szépirodalmi Figyelő!

We already had one issue of Szépirodalmi Figyelő (in our report of the 13th Budapest Comic Book Festival we detailed how it got to us) so we weren’t completely ignorant when they contacted us for a six page comic book with the theme of reformation! Wow, not at all easy since we didn’t want to create something didactic, for example a boring biographical comic book. Luckily they didn’t want this to happen either, but read more


Who is not familiar with Galaktika, let me tell you, it is Hungary’s most prestigious sci-fi magazine that existed for forty years so far, collects and publishes the best sci-fi writing and it is one of Kriszta’s all time favorites! And this renowned magazine contacted us because they would like to publish a few pages of our comic book. Since then we became good friends with the editorial board, we payed them a visit when we went to Budapest, they are a very friendly and matter-of-course team, it was very excited to be among all the old and the new issues of Galaktika. Their publishing house also publishes a lot of books beyond the issues of Galaktika and sells them in their own webshop, they help us too with our distribution, you can order our comic book from them as well. But the best thing is read more

We launched the first issue of Fantomatika!

Now we can really state: Transylvania’s first Hungarian language monthly comic book has been released, Fantomatika, which we will ship on September the 19th, Tuesday, to our Transylvanian customers (our Hungarian customers will receive it shortly as well). The monthly can also be bought from newsstands starting in October both in Transylvania and Hungary and for orders placed via e-mail (, with full name and postal address) we ship it directly to you.

Our first major presentation was at MAGMA Contemporary Medium during the Maybe 4 exposition where read more

Voice of Nature – The comics

We really did enjoy the Voice of Nature festival: next year we are going to chill all the way through! This year we lead a workshop, it came together in quite a difficult manner, it was really hot and everybody was in or around the pool. We cramped there too and soon the labor kicked off. Quite a few people drew and they formed the story together step by step, to which we gave the starting point: three youth are loitering between run down buildings, a little girl approaches shouting They are coming. From here we gave them free hand, the story arced left and right and in the end became… like what… read more

Our first comic related lesson – we delivered it!

On the 4th of August we were invited to the Udvartér Reading and Creating Camp at Sopárkút where we delivered a lecture on the creation of comic books and right after it we initiated a practice with the campers.

The theme was one of the ballads of János Arany and this was a very difficult text for a beginner. But it turns out that the kids were paying attention because they successfully employed the language of comic books, deconstructed the scenes into readable images, played with the zoomed in and out frames, used signs denoting music and sounds and illustrated dynamicism with moving lines. Not only that,  but they used novel techniques that completely caught us off guard since they didn’t learn it from us! First of all they, instead of writing, drew the thoughts of characters into the speech bubbles, then they showed a completely made up angle from a keyhole that was not present in the ballad and lastly the spirit, that is not a spirit, but read more

Coming soon the first comics series created entirely in Transylvania!

We have stated: at the end of September we will publish the world’s first comic book edited, written and drawn in its entirety Transylvania. The first two hundred orders will get the first issue free of charge. This promotion came to its end: after this each issue costs 15 RON or 1500 HUF. The comic book will be marketed in both Transylvania and Hungary. In Transylvania the Székelyhon forwarder service will carry the comic book, in Hungary negotiations are still underway regarding this issue.

We have gone official a month ago and a lot of things have happened during this time: Tusványos seen the first news of our publication, we handed out leaflets, we pinned posters as far as we could manage (and as far as they let us, haha). Here sadly we missed the opportunity to present our comic book, but at least we

read more

We attended the 13th International Comicbook Festival of Budapest

Hooray, what a great month, two amazing events in two weeks! Comic Con last week and now Budapest!

The International Comicbook Festival of Budapest is organized yearly by the Hungarian Comicbook Society. This year the date was May the 14th and the location the Dürer Garden near the Városliget district. Atmospheric scenery, nice little summer garden with a small stage, large market hall (concert hall), creation wall on which anyone can exhibit his own work, comic book and sticker drawing, superhero face painting, kid’s corner, Rejtő-Korcsmáros escape simulation, Comic Jam (comic book drawing into a predetermined pattern either alone, alternatively or by relay method), public meetings, lottery, announcement of the Alfabéta awards. We couldn’t partake in everything, it is impossible. read more

We visited the East European Comic Con

Did you know that the East European Comic Con is held here, in Bucharest? It’s a real, huge festival! It had forty thousand visitors in three days. I wouldn’tc believe it, if I wouldn’t have seen it.

A short overview: the first meeting was held in 2013, back then it had a humble number of 9.000 participants, at the Children’s Palace. The following years it moved to the large pavilions of Romexpo, being visited by a growing number of participants and international film stars. The East European version of Comic Con gives you everything just like the original: cosplay, gaming, film and cartoonist celebrities, huge fair and many happy fans. This year the festival took place

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Making our logo

We laughed a lot. We were saying that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to give a unique personal hint, some Eastern European flavour to it, or, even, God forbid, a piccaninny szekler note, beside all the science fiction! Then Matyi got extremely enthusiastic and he created some szekler sci-fi logos (plus two jokes for the Star Trek fans).

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