We launched the second

issue of Fantomatika!


What dangers await Bereg, the earthling boy once he makes it to the space faring civilization? How can he get used to this world along with all its advantages and disadvantages? Did he choose wisely when he left his rural life behind and chose the stars?

The second issue of Fantomatika was launched and can be found starting with early November at the newsstands and pre-orders will also be shipped during the same period. If you missed our first issue, you can still order it at order@fantomatika.com with full name and postal address.

The story was hand drawn in its entirety by Mátyás Sárosi.

If you are interested in our comic book, please go to our order page.




A bit of appetizer from our comic book, these panels are not present in the first issue, but we show you the enigmatic missing elements.


Drawing the cover art for our second issue:


Fantomatika trailer:


Recipe of the Székely Cocktail:

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