The fourth issue is out!

We gladly present you our fourth issue, in which you can read an entirely new comic!

Our readers would like to read humorous strips (see survey), that is why we chose A Kóbor herceg legendája (Legend of the errant prince) by Lehel Zoltán Simon which can be described as the amalgam of overwrought fable elements, grotesque situations and the few real moments of everyday life’s satirical presentation. András Szabó’s drawings add to all this with their unique style that goes very well with this material.

Naturally Bereg and Anzel’s story goes on as well: Bereg is deeply troubled by the phantomatic world while Anzel takes matters in her own hands and shakes the phantomatic world in turn.

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Photo by: Józsa János

Lehel Zoltán Simon was born 1987 at Szatmárnémeti, received his BA in chemistry at Kolozsvár and currently lives in his native city. A Sci-fi aficionado since birth, he not only takes them in, but analyzes and rates good sci-fi. He sees creating something new as a challenge, but particularly enjoys the process of creation. He hasn’t been writing for a time now, but during his university years he wrote an extensive sci-fi blog (slzscifi.blogspot.ro), took part in competitions, forums and literary evenings.

He puts his own writings in the pulp category, as he sees it, these reach readers easily all the while opening doors to science and literature. In order to evolve, he constantly stepped outside his comfort zone and experimented with radio plays (like The legend of the errant prince), or Alkony és telihold (Twilight and full moon) fantasy short story which was aired in Civil Radio. The world of comic books is unknown to him, barely started exploring it, as he himself says: we don’t have to follow the Marvel or DC comic book style, the goal is to create a style of our own, that speaks to us.


Szabó András was born in 1980 at Marosvásárhely, he attended the University of visual arts at Kolozsvár and lives in the city with his family to this day. He is an exhibiting artist and freelance graphic designer and his drawing style is sensitive and richly detailed.

He is a long time fan of comic books, he remembers his first experience to this day: one day his uncle pulled something out from under his weathered coat – it was an issue of Bobo. Later his favorite comic was Spiderman, the character of the poor, but intelligent, sedulous and infinitely conscientious young man who fights cosmic antagonists in disguise all the while going through such mundane problems like not being able to pay rent. Together with his son, they read Asterix and Spiderman daily, his son is also a huge comic book fan who proudly told his friends that his dad draws comic books.

Photo by: Váczi Roland

As a child András used to squat on the floor and create worlds. This activity was more adrenaline inducing to him than amusement parks because the empty paper holds enough danger and mysticism on its own. At the outset all of his characters resembled Arnold, even Jesus on the cross – he reminisces. After his university studies he developed a whole style of his own: the slow, workload heavy etching into plastic paper and with comic books he returned to the smooth, cool and profligate creativity he enjoys so much.


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