The comics

Fantomatika comics was published monthly, it consists of sci-fi stories, original creation of Transylvanian artists never published before.


What grownups know or don’t is a mystery, but schoolchildren get to face an astonishing reality: mankind on Earth is kept in ignorance on purpose, others live in advanced technological conditions in a beautiful new world.

Soon our witty farm boy, Bereg’s dream luckily, or to his ill luck?, comes true – in the phantomatic space.






What dangers await Bereg, the earthling boy once he makes it to the space faring civilization? How can he get used to this world along with all its advantages and disadvantages?

Did he choose wisely when he left his rural life behind and chose the stars?






Bereg has a keen sense for space exploration. During the expedition, he not only galvanizes his friends with his unique way of thinking, but also discoveres a new destination. Due to this big adventure he almost forgets about Anzel, who has to go against the Council of the Blue Ones alone.

But how long can she hold out against the Machine?






We gladly present you our new comic, the parody entitled A Kóbor herceg legendája (Legend of the errant prince) written by Lehel Zoltán Simon, drawn by András Szabó!

Naturally Bereg and Anzel’s story goes on as well: Bereg is deeply troubled by the phantomatic world while Anzel takes matters in her own hands and shakes the phantomatic world in turn.





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